Values Policy principles

We believe that it is the responsibility of the school to help students build their personality and morals. Values-based education proved more effective learning and promotes continuous improvement of personal, social, moral and economic wellbeing. It fosters significant values in the society. Modern civilizations are built and developed based not only on Science and information but also on morals and values.

Personal Success in life requires both academic and moral competence. Our moral set is derived from Islamic religion which emphasizes the below principles:

Respect others including, myselfmy teachers, my colleagues, school rules, and my environment, body and books.

 Tolerating the diversity, contributing to the team, demonstrating self-responsibility and self-discipline.

Believing in equality among students and their rights to get the best education and challenges them to reach their maximum potentials.

Ensuring that happiness is not simply maintained when you reach a goal but rather being experienced while striving towards achieving it. We teach them to set up their life goals, plan for it and enjoy the persistent continuous work to achieve it.

Expecting the staff to be responsible for the values program that supports the personal, social and spiritual development of every student at the school.

We admit that our mission cannot be carried out by our staff only. Parents are our partners throughout the way and we should to share with them our plans and expectations and perhaps arrange the procedures between them and our team to insure the harmony between the school and the families well established.

As for Safir staff, we are doing our best to intensify the sense of appreciation and belonging.


  • To establish a motivating and guiding school environment for the students to create their life goals and discover their potentials and capabilities.
  • To enlighten the students about the morals and behavior policies that will build up their personalities as happy, successful, creative and productive citizens.
  • To encourage the students to practice these morals and manners within and outside of the school.
  • To communicate with the families and guardians in order verify the messages delivered to the students and to sustain a harmonized environment both at school and home.
  • To teach students about moderation throughout their lives and making balanced decisions and choices.
  • To teach students about positive thinking about life, themselves and others.


Implementation of timeline for the Values program:

During morning advisory session

During Morning Quraan, Islamic and moral sessions

During Sports, music and other activities

Through language teachings, literature and writing studies

Throughout other subjects such as Math, Science and Social Studies

During assemblies and community events

Parental lectures and related consultation program

During any school related field trips

Values program:

  • The values program offers six sets of values to be accomplished approximately each month
  • Depending on their positions and specialties, entire staff will cooperate on delivering the message and training for the behavior built on this value
  • Values program related student work will be displayed on all of the bulletin boards across the school and in the classrooms; in addition, it will be displayed during the school exhibitions.

Staff responsibilities:

The following staff members will be given responsibilities related to implementing the values program:

Values program team: values program coordinator and Islamic studies & morals teachers


All teachers

After school extracurricular activities leaders/ coaches/ supervisors

June 2021
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