Social responsibility project

Safir international school high school students noticed the effect of Covid 19 on the world’s economics. They realized that people in need must will suffer more than usual people. They decided to do something to help orphans.

We started an international campaign to arouse the world’s attention towards this problem and open the way for help.

Hands of a family holding bread bun in a conceptual image of poverty and hunger.

We created a partnership between our school and a trusted NGO which Deniz Feneri association that works internationally for humanitarian aids.
Our students are going to do all the efforts they can to motivate people to donate for orphan’s


Money collected through our campaign will not be released to orphans until volunteers run 5000 km.
Running will be documented by a running application.
If you donate with us, you are not only helping orphans, but also you are spreading a wave of health that people really need after the long Covid 19 quarantine.

We are opening the door for everyone to collaborate with us”

– You can volunteer to run with us and send a screenshot that contains the date and amount that you ran.
– You can help by sharing our pages through your social media groups and help us to reach as much people as you can.