Social responsibility project

Run for charity

As Safir international high school students, we wanted to attract the world’s attention to the economics of Covid-19.

Many people were affected, losing their job or even getting decreased salaries. Donations to orphans were much affected. We decided to be proactive and publish this campaign to raise funds for orphan’s sponsorship.


Safir high school students are working to raise funds for orphan’s sponsorship. Money will be collected in a bank account that belongs to the Türk Kızılay association which is a legally trusted NGO that works in humanitarian aids in many countries.

Orphans need our support to be able to get the necessary life requirements like food, education, clothing and housing.

We are asking you to donate to the orphans.


Funds will be raised to a bank account belonging to the Turkish Red Crescent (KIZILAY) that is going to be responsible for delivering the money to the orphans.

Money will be given to the orphans when volunteers run at least 5000 km. We are helping orphans and spreading a health wave in the community.

Volunteers will document their running by the following application:

How to use the Runkeeper App




– After you install the app, you will see the word activity in the main window, click it.

– Then you will see two words at the top: GPS mode and Stopwatch mode. For running on a treadmill you will use the stopwatch mode

– After choosing stopwatch mode, you can start your stopwatch. A stopwatch will appear and it will start counting.

– When you are done running you will click on the pause button then on the stop button.

– A new screen will pop up and the program will ask you to input the distance you ran (If it asks you in miles, you can change it to km from the settings)

– After recording your distance, you will click on save activity and all of your activity will be saved in your feed


Running outside

– Instead of choosing the stopwatch mode you will use the GPS mode.

– You will have to activate your GPS and allow the program to access it.

– Then just click on start.

– When you click on start your running starts

– After you are done you will push the pause button then the stop button

– This will bring up a different screen where you will be able to add some information about your lap (filling it is optional).

– After filling the information you will save the activity which will put it on your feed, then you email it to us.


You can donate or Run or both. Please help us spread our campaign.

Please remember to write in donors note: (Run for charity) so money can be directed to the orphans.


You can donate by the donation page of KIZILAY

You can reach it also through the QR code in our posters