Students come to school either by school bus or by car (parent or driver). School buses serve many parts of Istanbul (Asian and European). For transportation to and from school, Safir International School coordinates the services of buses.
All buses have seat belts and supervisors. The school buses (and their drivers) are privately contracted by a bus company. The school coordinates and supervises the buses for the convenience of the parents. Upon admission or re-enrollment, parents may sign up for bus services through the transportation coordinator in the school office.

Parents are billed by the bus company for this service. The buses do not belong to Safir School and the bus drivers are not Safir School staff members. The bus driver has absolute authority on the bus.
For safety reasons, the bus driver must devote his full attention to his job without any distractions from students on the bus. This means limited food or beverages, no loud talking or music, no moving about, etc.

Bus students should leave school in their designated buses and are not allowed by any means to change buses throughout the year.
They should wait for their bus according to the time given to parents at the beginning of the year as it will not be possible for the bus to wait for late students.

The bus monitor has the authority to assign seating for any disruptive student. Students who are disruptive on the bus will be reported by the bus monitor to the Principal.
Depending on the severity and/or frequency of incidents, consequences may range from a warning or parent conference to suspension of privileges, and may result in the student being removed from the bus for the remainder of the year.

Students are not allowed to ride in another student’s car unless a written request from the parents is submitted to the school administration before 11:00 am

June 2021
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