About Safır Internatıonal School

Safir international school was founded in 2015 by a group of experienced educational specialists who are academically and scientifically qualified. It began operations in June 2015 and had approximately 300 students from kindergarten through 10th grade in its first academic year. Due to the school›s outstanding reputation, student enrollment has grown from 300 students in its first year in one school, to 5 branches, 200 teachers, 160 administrators and support staff, and more than 2500 students from approximately 45 different countries

Leadership Program ‘I Lead’

Leadership Program ‘I Lead’

Core of the program is to install the 7 habits of highly effective teens.The targeted segment from KG to grade 12

What are the 7 Habits?

  1. Be Proactive Take responsibility for your life- you are the driver not the passenger. If you get a Poor grade on a test, what will you say?

 Teacher’s fault or should have studied more

  1. Begin with the end in mind
    Define your mission and goals in life Decide where you want to go and draw a map
  2. Put first things first. Prioritize and do the most important things first. Taking Habit 2. I mean your planed (goals) and making them important

  3. Think win-win. Have an: everyone can win attitude
    It’s an attitude toward life. It is the foundation for getting along well with other people
  4. Seek first to understand then to be understood
    Listen to people sincerely Key to good communication. Listen first, talk second
  1. Synergize: Work together to achieve more
    Synergy is: Celebrating differences, Teamwork, open-mindedness, finding new and better ways
  2. Sharpen the saw Renew yourself regularly-do things just for you
    Take care of your body, mind, heart, and soul

How can these habits help you?
Get control of your life. Improve your relationships. Make smarter decisions. Get along with your parents. Overcome addiction. Define your values. Get more done in less time. Increase your self-confidence. Be happy. Find balance among school, work, friends and everything else

We have 3 different strategies to instill the habits in the heart of our students.

We have lots of activities under these strategies