Safir International School Facilities

Studies show that school facilities have an impact on the overall school experience of students and teachers. More importantly, they also affect the health, behaviour and engagement of the students. Thus, adequate facilities make it easier for the school to deliver better education. And because we care about our students and teachers, we have the following facilities:

On the other hand, we offer our students the services of a specialized counselor, a college counselor who works with the high school students, a school doctor and a special educational need Coordinator.

We provide our students the chance to participate in sports activities that take place during the weekend or after school. Some of these activities are football, basketball, swimming and fitness. Participants will follow a training schedule that is set by the coaches to suit their performance level and needs. These activities are not included in the tuition fees, which means there is extra -cost if the students want to participate in any of these sports activities.

Music Classes

We provide our students the opportunities to take music lessons after school or on weekend days.

Clubs and Activities

We offer our students a variety of clubs or activities such as MUN club, Science club, community service club, chess club, book club, math club, drama club, scouting, robotics, 3D printer, cooking etc.

The students are grouped to join these activities based on their choices and age group. These activities take place during the school day for two sessions once a week. The students will be given the chance to choose different activities every trimester.

December 2021
Here is always singing new songs and expressing new ideas he learned at school. - Positive Impact