Ramadan 2020 – Stay at home series

Weekly Goals

To help your child appreciate and get the most out of Ramadan it’s a good idea to start with a plan. Sit with your child, make them write their name and write their weekly goals they would like to achieve in the dotted lines. If they finish a goal let them tick the circle by themselves on the. Examples of some goals: pray 5 prayers, recite a surah from quraan, help my mother prepare food, say something nice to my sibling..

Goals Tracker

Children love feeling a sense of achievement. After setting Ramadan goals with your child. Here is a calendar of All 30 days of Ramadan. You can encourage them to reach their daily goals by gifting them a small treat if they succeed in most of the daily goals, or stick a sticker on the date or just tick it.

Ramadan Lanterns

Ramadan decorations can be a wonderful way for children to participate in getting ready for Ramadan and add their own personal touch. Here is a printable A4 you could download from …. and create colorful and easy lanterns with.