Promotion Policy

KG1 – G6

Students in kindergarten to Grade 6 are automatically promoted.  We make recommendations for improvement and monitor the progress of these students; we provide the needed support in order to help the students reach the expected grade level standards as much as possible.  All this information is communicated to parents.  In a few cases, some students might not be promoted to the next grade level if they have not acquired the skills needed to succeed in the future.

G6 – G12

  • Passing grade is 60% (D-)
  • Students need to have an overall final average above the passing grade in order to be promoted; otherwise they will be retained in the same grade level the following academic year.
  • If a student has an overall passing average and they fail Math and/or English, they will have to take a make-up exam before the beginning of the next academic year.
  • If a student fails any of the Math or English make-up exams, they will repeat the year.
  • High school students (G9-12) need to earn a certain number of credits in order to graduate. For the subjects included, they will have to have a passing grade (60% D-) in order to earn the credits needed to graduate.

Grading Scale

All grades are calculated in the Grade Point Average (GPA).  One credit course is calculated on a 4.0 scale.  In order to receive credits for an academic course, the students must obtain a minimum of D-.  Students must be present in the class a minimum of 80% of the scheduled class periods; otherwise they risk the chance of not being promoted to the next grade level.




Grade value



Grade Value

A+ 97-100 4:00 C+ 77 – 79 2.00
A 94 – 96 3.70 C 74 – 76 1.70
A- 90 – 93 3.30 C- 70 – 73 1.30
B+ 87 – 89 3:00 D+ 67 – 69 1.00
B 84 -86 2.70 D 64 – 66 0.70
B- 80 -83 2.30 D- 60 – 63 0.30
 F                       Below 60 0.00