Assessment Policy

Assessment Policy


We use standard-based curriculum that is taught using a variety of teaching strategies and tools in order to prepare the students to overcome the challenges of the 21st century.

Assessment is an integral part of the teaching and learning process since it allows us to collect information about the performance of students in each class.

Teachers use a variety of formative and summative assessment strategies and tools which allows them to provide feedback to students so that they can understand what needs to be improved, to provide feedback to parents about the performance of their children and to differentiate instruction to meet the needs of each student.

Kindergarten Assessment

The students will be assessed using a variety of observation tools.  No quizzes or tests will be administered and students will not be given any number or letter grades. The parents will receive 3 report cards and 3 progress reports that include checklists related to what their children have learned with the level of performance; in addition, the reports will include written narratives related to the performance of the children.

Elementary, Middle and High Schools Assessment

All schools will follow a three-trimester academic year.  Three report cards will be produced at the end of each trimester.  We will also produce three progress reports for the students in elementary school.  No end-of-trimester or end-of-year exams will be given in Elementary and Middle Schools; end-of year exams will be administered in high school only.

Distribution of the grades over the three trimesters


School Trimester I Trimester II Trimester III End-of year exam
Elementary G 1-5 30% 35% 35%
Middle  G 6-8 30% 35% 35%
High G 9-12 30% 30% 30% 10%



Distribution of grades for each trimester and the assessment categories

Category ES MS HS
Classwork 25% 30% 30%
Homework 10% 10% 10%
Class participation 10% 10% 10%
Quizzes 20% 15% 15%
tests 15% 20% 20%
Projects 20% 15% 15%



  • No quizzes or tests to be given in Physical Education , Art and Music
  • A class participation rubric will be used to assess the student participation in class and determine the class participation grade.

The following categories and percentages will be used to produce the trimester grade for Art, Music and Physical Education

  • Classwork 40%
  • Class participation 20%
  • Performance tasks 30%
  • Final project 10%


We reserve the right to make any changes in this assessment policy to suit the requirements of certain subjects or grade levels; these changes will be communicated to parents in advance to implementation.