Moving to Istanbul

When thinking about Istanbul, the first things to come to mind probably include Turkish bazaars and historic buildings like the Hagia Sophia. In fact, Istanbul is not just Turkey’s cultural center. The city also boasts an impressive heritage.

In ancient times, many people were moving to Istanbul’s forerunners, then known as Byzantion, later on as Constantinople or Byzantium. It has been the capital of three successive empires and seen an influx of all kinds of ethnic groups. They came as colonizers, settlers, traders, conquerors, or migrant minorities, but they all left their mark.

Today, Istanbul is not only the biggest city in Turkey. People moving here will experience a vibrant culture, a modern society, and a dynamic economy.


Two Continents, One City


Did you notice how the Bosporus seems to break the city in half? Istanbul is simultaneously located in Europe and Asia, giving people moving to Istanbul the chance to be in two continents at once. Its location makes it a bridge between the East and the West.

The Bosporus has always been an important passageway. It connects the Black Sea in the north with the Marmara Sea in the south. In this way, it has boosted Istanbul’s economic significance. Relocating to Istanbul will take you to a place where the defining characteristics of two continents join with an abundance of historical sites, picturesque landscapes and waterfronts.