• Boys who are trying to lose weight
• Who are seeking to increase muscle mass
• Who are seeking to have a healthy body
• Who are seeking to change their lifestyle
• Who wants to get rid of all the existing body fat

Start together a program to slim and tighten the abdomen, buttocks, arms, waist and whole body and get rid of the body’s current dilutions and relieve joints and muscles pain and increase the strength of joints and muscles.

– The program consists of important three parts:
• Psychological factors and how to be positive, enthusiastic, fit and agile.
• Proper and healthy nutrition to keep our body healthy also to avoid diseases that are resulting from malnutrition.
• Proper exercise for each one depending on his age, gender, and fitness, which can help to burn the harmful calories to get rid of stored fat and get the lithe body.

– Elements of fitness to achieve our program:
• Speed
• Muscle strength
• Endurance
• Muscle endurance
• Balance
• Agility
• Flexibility
• Neuromuscular compatibility

– Each one of us has to have a goal to get a good level of fitness besides our reasons to change our body fitness life.
– We will work together using scientific and guaranteed methods which will be suitable for each one related to his health and athletic differentiation.

The course will be 90 minutes a day, 3 days a week.

The first week is FREE

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