About Safır Internatıonal School

Safir international school was founded in 2015 by a group of experienced educational specialists who are academically and scientifically qualified. It began operations in June 2015 and had approximately 300 students from kindergarten through 10th grade in its first academic year. Due to the school›s outstanding reputation, student enrollment has grown from 300 students in its first year in one school, to 5 branches, 200 teachers, 160 administrators and support staff, and more than 2500 students from approximately 45 different countries

Frequently Asked Questions

SIS provides a compelling continuum of education for children from KG1 to grade 12.

SIS has a diverse student and staff body with 45 countries represented.

Student Dress Code

Complying with the school uniform policy is compulsory once the students are on school grounds, until they leave school and during any school-related activity/ event that is not taking place on school premises

What NOT to wear:
Caps or hats inside the building
Slippers, flip-flops, and high heels Ankle bracelets
Jewelry (other than a ring)
Sport suits (except for PE classes)
For Hygienic reasons:
Male students are required to wear their hair short and well-groomed.
All students should get their nails cut.
Female students should keep their hair tied back.
Make-up, strong perfume or bright nail polish is not allowed.
Dress Code Policy for Middle and High School
Middle and High School students who violate dress code policy will receive a warning slip then they will not be permitted into class.
Hair Policy 
Boys and girls with long hair must tie it up inside the school campus.
Boys and girls are not allowed to come into school with their hair dyed

Busing is available for all students. SIS coordinates and supervises the buses for the convenience of the parents. Upon admission or re-enrollment, parents may sign up for bus services through the transportation coordinator in the school office. For more information, read our transportation policy.

We start teaching additional languages from kindergarten age. They learn languages from KG: Arabic, English and Turkish.

Yes. In fact it is a graduation requirement, all high school students participate in the program. Last year we had an online campaign for orphan sponsorships that was done in collaboration with Turkish Red Crescent KIZILY.  Before that we had organized a sports day for charity, auction for charity, girls party for charity, hospital visits, breast cancer awareness campaign, mental health awareness campaign, sports events for charity, career day (student conference) for charity.

If your child is absent, you must inform your child’s administration on the same day.

If your child is sick and has a doctor’s note, the doctor’s note must be turned in to your child’s administration.

We have some medications on the shelf that we can give to students as first aid. We will send out the list at the beginning of the year. Parents who object to the administration of such medication on the instructions of our school doctor for any reason should send us a request and we will respect their concern.

If your doctor prescribes medication for your child to take during school hours, you must include the medication and prescription and give it to the school doctor and not send it with the child.

You can inform your child’s administration of the appointment and they will take care of it.

School hours are from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm for all students, with a 15 minute snack break, 45 minute lunch break, and 15 minute prayer break.

We have regular teacher training sessions conducted throughout the year by professional individuals in addition to ongoing teacher evaluation using ELEOTs and KPIs (Key Performance Indicator).

Yes, we provide ASL for students who are weak in Arabic and ESL for students who are weak in English. In addition, teachers have office hours on Saturday to help students with questions and problems

Yes, we provide ASL for students who are weak in Arabic and ESL for students who are weak in English. In addition, teachers have office hours on Saturday to help students with questions and concerns.