ESL Program

The term English as a Second Language (ESL) refers to an instructional program for students who are learning English as an additional language and whose level of English Language proficiency precludes them from full participation in learning experiences provided in the school. The purpose of the program is to increase the English Language proficiency of students so that the English language is not a barrier to achieve success in the classroom.  We provide a challenging and comprehensive curriculum for all students and acknowledge the diverse range of skills, abilities, talents and learning styles of each individual student.

ESL Students Are Identified Through Initial Assessments Such As:

The assessment results will provide information about the type and amount of support the students will need to develop English Language Skills and bridge gaps in learning. In the light of the assessment administered the students enrolled in the Learning Support Programme are provided with an Individual Educational Plan (IEP) that defines the teaching strategies that best suit the student’s needs.

ESL Department Provides Programs And Support Through Several Methods Such As:

Our fully equipped Learning Support Unit enhances students learning and caters for students with ESL background. Individual Educational Plans are designed by the qualified ESL Teachers guided by the ESL Coordinator to make learning as easy, enjoyable and effective as possible and is tailored to meet the linguistic and academic needs of student.