ISLAMIC STUDIES (Grade 7 through Grade 10)


ISLAMIC STUDIES (Grade 7 through Grade 10)


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ISLAMIC STUDIES (Grade 7 through Grade 10) Creating a positive image about Muslims is very important at this point, so students could have a good knowledge of what Islam is all about. It is about believing in God‘s will and that he is the One and Only to worship and to obey. We teach students the real meaning of ―there‘s no god but Allah, Mohamed is his prophet and applying it to their behavior towards others and towards society in the reality of human life, as well as being capable of turning faith into a practical method to build a good society through the human knowledge of the importance of life and the awareness of its essentials like water, plants, animals, and inanimate objects. The Holy Quran carries a lot of honorable meanings, such as human dignity mentioned in its chapters. It is also important to teach students the morals of the Islamic religion, which are summarized in being sympathetic and keen to maintain a good relationship with others in order to develop a successful society based on the sense of brotherhood that leads to the longevity of life.

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