English Language and Literature in Grade 9 includes a range of methodologies to teach literature, grammar usage, and writing, comprehension, speaking, and listening. In keeping with the American High School philosophy, students are expected to rely on a range of learning styles to maximize achievement across units of study. Writing is also emphasized. Students write from a variety of genres, modes, and organizational patterns; thereby developing skills in evaluating written work. Students are expected to read critically and improve oral and writing skills as they interpret literature and non-fiction texts. As such, the course objectives will help students with the Pre SAT training offered at school.



Algebra I is the introduction of variables, constants, expressions and equations. Topics covered are: solving equations, simplifying expressions, understanding order of operations, using properties (field axioms), arithmetic operations with positive and negative numbers, polynomials, factoring, graphing (linear functions), working with radicals and expanding arithmetic knowledge. Real-world applications of algebraic thinking are also introduced to the students.