The aim of this course is to develop mastery for grade 8 level in reading comprehension, grammar, literary understanding and vocabulary acquisition. The course uses Holt’s Elements of Literature to introduce literary genres, reading comprehension skills and vocabulary. The course is supplemented with a course on grammar, mechanics and style. It will also introduce the students to different writing genres especially persuasive writing as well as creative writing.



Pre-Algebra is a course designed to teach skills required for a student to be successful in Algebra I. Mathematical skills will be further developed and the practice will focus on the understanding of concepts in greater depth. This will enable students to apply Mathematical skills and make meaningful connections to life’s experiences and to see Mathematics as an exciting, useful, and creative field of study



This is an exploratory lab-based integrated science course in biology, physics and chemistry, which provides important foundation skills to allow students to further progress through the high school level sciences. Students will efficiently perform labs and then focus on creating high quality, typed lab reports. Included in lab reports will be a digital diagram of the experiments design.