The aim of this course is to develop mastery for grade 7 level in reading comprehension, grammar, literary understanding and vocabulary acquisition. The course uses Holt’s Elements of Literature to introduce literary genres, reading comprehension skills and vocabulary. The course is supplemented with a course on grammar, mechanics and style. It will also introduce the students to different writing genres especially persuasive writing as well as creative writing.



The course bridges elementary Mathematics to provide students with a solid foundation of mathematical concepts, including fractions, ratios and proportions, decimals, percents, and statistics and graphs. Then it introduces students to basic ideas found in geometry and algebra to prepare them for future success in the next level of mathematics.



This is an exploratory lab-based course in Life Science, which provides important foundation skills to allow students to further progress through the high school level sciences. Students will efficiently perform labs with a focus on creating high quality, typed lab reports. We will also focus on various inquiries based projects which students complete outside of the classroom.