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ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS The second grade reading/language arts program Reading Wonders is focused around exposing the children to various types of literature and exploring the grammar, phonics and spelling in each story, as well as expanding the child‘s reading, listening, speaking and observation capabilities.   MATH In the second grade course we build on Grade 1 math, exploring different ways to add and subtract and build up to adding and subtracting three digit numbers, carrying tens when adding, borrowing tens when subtracting and rounding numbers. We explore money, fractions, time telling and measurement as well.   SOCIAL STUDIES This course allows children to explore the world around them, with focus on traditions and locations of other Arab countries, and then goes on to explore how we keep our world in good condition.   SCIENCE The second grade science program is also based on Macmillan/McGraw-Hill's science program, second grade science: A Closer Look program. Students investigate living things, the Earth, matter and energy.

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