English Language and Literature

Students in Grade 10 continue to engage in integrated study of English Language and Literature. They build upon the skills they learned in Grade 9. Literature, grammar/usage, composition, speech, listening, and critical thinking are integrated into the curriculum to deepen understanding of the many functions of language. Students write in a variety of genres, modes, and organizational patterns and, in the process, further hone their skills evaluating written work. Throughout the course, students work on individual and group projects; therefore, active participation is expected in all aspects of the course.



This course is designed to remediate students from grade 9 in Algebra. The class is designed to accommodate minimal number of students to give them plenty of assistance and reinforcement in basic Mathematics and Algebra skills. Students will be given extra practice and better foundation for their future advancement in different levels of Mathematics offered at the school. The course will develop the students’ numeracy skills to perform at an acceptable level in the PSAT and SAT that are required for graduation.



Geometry is a comprehensive course featuring coverage of geometric terms and processes, logic and problem solving. The course includes topics such as parallel line and planes, congruent triangles, inequalities and quadrilaterals. Various forms of proof are studied. Emphasis is placed upon reasoning and problem solving skills gained through study of similarity, areas, volumes, circles, and coordinate geometry.



This course is designed for students to gain a better understanding of the living world around them through a highly structured, inquiry and lab-based curriculum. Students will be introduced to new ideas and concepts as well as gain knowledge needed to further their scientific studies through various teaching methods and strategies. Topics studied are the basis of life, chemistry of life, cell structure & function, cell transport, photosynthesis and cellular respiration, cell division, genetics, protein synthesis, evolution, ecology, and human biology.



This course is designed for students to gain a better understanding of the physical world at the microscopic and macroscopic levels through a highly structured, inquiry/lab-based curriculum.