American High School Program

In order for our students to graduate from our school and earn an American High School Diploma they need to successfully complete some courses during Grades 9-12 from the following subject areas: Math, Science, English, Social Studies, Arabic, Islamic Studies, Islamic History, Physical Education, Computer & IT, Art, Music and a third language such as Turkish.
Our high school program is a college-preparatory program, which means we teach the students the concepts and skills that allow them to take certain entrance exams required by most colleges in USA and Canada such as SAT and TOFEL.


We have a college counselor who works with Grades 9-12 students to provide information and advice about college admissions process and requirements that includes recommendations letters, transcripts and the needed standardized exams scores.


We intend to offer in the future to our Grade 11 and 12 students Advanced Placement (AP) courses that will increase their chances of being accepted in certain colleges in USA and Canada, in addition to allowing them to earn course credits for the related subjects in certain colleges based on certain scores that they need to earn as set by these colleges.