About Safir

Safir International School is an independent school established and first opened in 2015. It is located in the center of Istanbul and is among the first English-speaking International school in the city of Istanbul to welcome students of all academic levels (Kindergarten, Primary, intermediate school and high school-(Starting with G10 as the highest grade accepted and aiming to reach G12 gradually).


Safir is considered the biggest international school in Turkey as it has a capacity for 988 students.

It is the only school combining the use of the American Curricula along with a strong Arabic Program which includes Islamic studies and Arabic history. Thereby, it is the first international school in Turkey that teaches English in conjunction with Arabic, Quran and Turkish.


Safir is the first international school in Turkey to celebrate and preserve the Islamic identity.

The vast majority of our students are Arabs who received their previous education in English Instructions. Within its first month, it managed to enroll students from more than 14 countries.

The school is in session on a two semester basis from September through June.

Realizing, Detailing, Mastering, Distinctive quality

The highest professional standards, the most distinctive staff, the latest educational methods, the strongest educational curriculum (MC Graw Hill) and the finest teaching strategies.

Safir International College is accredited by the Ministry of Education in Turkey.

Safir International College follows the California standards and had obtained approval from California Department of Education to use the California Curriculum Frameworks. Other subjects taught at SIS are Math, Science, Social Studies, Turkish and Arabic