Safir Food Policy

Safir Food Policy

At Safir International School, we are aware of the concerns parents have about health and nutrition, especially when it comes to their children’s diets. We like to think of it as our job to take the same amount of care a parent would when addressing children’s dietary needs.
It is our hope that while eating healthy foods, students at Safir International School will also learn about healthy eating habits that prevent them from many diseases in the future. They should also learn about their role to help the needy and less privileged in the local and global community. We pay attention to ‘how’ and ‘where’ our ingredients are produced and encourage our students to eat and buy organic foods whenever possible. Part of the school annual health plan is raising awareness about nutritional facts. The school doctor and the science teachers collaborate to teach students the basic components of a healthy diet and encourage them to bring healthy snacks from home. Examples of healthy snacks are nuts, fruits, vegetables, and homemade baked goods.
In Safir International School, meals are an integral part of the school daily routine:
Kindergarten are served three meals: a morning snack, and two hot meals during the day.
Elementary to high schools: Lunch is served during the breaks. Students are allowed to buy a snack from the school canteen if a healthy, homemade snacks is not available


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