Advisory Program

Safir International School

Advisory Program

This year every class has an advisor who also teaches the same class one or two subjects.  Every day except on Friday, the school day starts with a 15 minutes advisory session.

The advisor’s job is to follow up on the academic and social performance of the students.  Sometimes students have during advisory class some activities related to the values program or community service or school events and trips.

The job of the advisor:

  • Advisors are the main contact persons who liaise between all the class teachers and the parents.
  • They teach study and organizational skills, how to use agenda book, and how to take notes.
  • Advisors take attendance in the morning.
  • They distribute any letters to go home or collect forms signed by parents.
  • Advisors keep the class calendar for tests and projects and make sure it is balanced.
  • Advisors follow up on amount of daily homework especially for elementary school.
  • Advisors remind students to abide by the school dress code and check if students are compliant and if not they take the appropriate measures.
  • They reinforce the school values.
  • They follow up on student repeated absence with parents and head of section.


We provide the best in international and American education for international guest families in Istanbul.

Safir is a dream came true for a man who wanted to provide a beautiful setting for children to learn and become the kind of citizens who will make a difference as leaders of tomorrow.

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